Carrefour Petanque Club
2006 Annual Dinner
And Presentations
The President of the J.P.A. Derek Hart
Presented the trophies on behalf of
our sponsors
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Winter Melee 2005>2006
1st Jill Gayet
3rd Joan le Roy
2nd Ruth Perree
1st Les Quenault
2nd Roy Langlois
3rd Maurice Richard
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Carrefour Petanque Club

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Personality of the Year 2006
Tony Lagadu
President of the
Carrefour Petanque Club
Summer League 1 Singles
Dan Gayet 3rd
Summer League 2 Singles
Summer League 3 Singles
Summer League 4 Singles
1st Robert Birch
2nd Marc Nichol
3rd Mick Cotillard
1st Martin Illien
2nd  Lol Therin
3rd Dan Gayt
1st Marion Romeril
2nd Brian Mollet
3rd Joan le Roy
1st Roy Langlois
2nd Misako Dickinson
3rd Neil Selby
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Summer Doubles Leagues 1 2 3